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They're our beloved fathers, our grandfathers, our husbands.

They're some of our nation's finest citizens.
They're our nation's heroes.
Please join us
Aug 16th - 19th, 2018

Bring your kids and grandkids!
Public admission is just
$10 per car for all 4 days
($5 Sunday only)

And they are VIP guests and a very valuable part of our air show. Transport planes, fighters, bombers...
Our RC craftsmen and pilots humbly work to build and fly aircraft that come as close to bringing back ‘those days’ as possible. Sometimes these planes bear remarkable resemblance to the real thing that you may remember.

Veterans with knowledge of these aircraft (the real ones), are greatly appreciated by our craftsmen and RC pilots who crave to hear stories from the heroes themselves about these awesome birds in real action.

If you’re a veteran from any branch of the military we hope you’ll find time to attend our air show as our special guest. If you're a pilot or a mechanic or have special stories relating to these birds in any way... any story at all... please make yourself known to a pilot who is looking forward to shaking the hand of a hero.